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How It Works

Choose Your Meals

Choose your meals from an ever-changing seasonal weekly menu. Step up your weeknight dining with an international cuisine.

We'll do the Prep

Our chefs will wash, chop and marinate fresh local ingredients for you. It's like having your own personal kitchen helper.

Receive Your Meals

We'll deliver your fresh meal boxes to your door. Each meal box is individually chilled so it's okay if you're not home.

Cook in 15 Minutes

Make a delicious dinner in 15 minutes or less, box to plate, guaranteed. It only takes 3 easy steps.

Your Weeknight Home Cooking Simplified

No Prep

Our chefs will wash, peel, chop, marinate and even cook sauces for you. That's how the best chefs in the world cook. Fancy becoming a master chef?

3 Step Recipes

When you're tired after a long day following a recipe can be a cognitive challenge. That's why we've broken cooking down to just 3 easy steps.

One Pan Cooking

It's everyone's least favourite part of cooking - cleaning up. To save you the trouble of cleaning up after cooking a delicious meal, all our dishes are designed for one pan cooking.

Choose a Meal Plan

Our Customers Say

We’ve done Hello Fresh & Marley Spoon in the past but with our hands extra full now the pre-prep style of Feastively is very appealing – anything to save some extra time in the kitchen!


Feastively isn’t ‘just another’ food delivery business – the meals are not only really good but fresh and VERY quick to prepare. It’s definitely worth trying!


We’ve saved so much time by not having to shop for ingredients or prepare food. Also, their customer service is second to none. Highly recommended for families with young children who are struggling to cook healthy meals.

Wey & Naomi

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What You Could be Cooking

feastively - mediterranean beef and grain salad bowl
Feastively - mushroom & asparagus blue cheese risotto
Feastively - Indian cottage cheese in mild tomato sauce
Feastively - korean style beef tacos

Get started with a flexible meal plan to cook delicious dishes like these.

You can pause or cancel your plan whenever you like.

Choose a Meal Plan

3 More Reasons to Switch to Feastively

Save More Time

For the industrious mums, dads and hard working couples time is a luxury. Feastively helps you spend more time on what matters most to you, by winding up cooking in just 15 minutes.

More Food Variety

With new dishes to choose from each week, you’ll never eat boring dinners again. Let us worry about adding more variety to your dinner which your whole family can enjoy together.

More Affordable

feastively mother and daughter cooking dinner

Mid-week takeaway and restaurant food deliveries add up quickly. Starting at just $10.50 per serve, delivered, Feastively’s prepped meals are much more affordable. So, where to for the next holiday?

Flexible Meal Plans

Get started with a meal plan that suits your lifestyle. Choose your meals each week. Pause whenever you like with one click.

Choose a Meal Plan