Make More "ME" Time

With the best fresh food meal-kit delivery in Melbourne

Your pace of life is a million miles an hour – work, daycare pickup, commuting, gym, kids’ sports practice, home. There’s so much on your plate that “what’s for dinner?” seems like a daunting thought. Your dinner choices are a constant battle between fresh, healthy and convenience. But just because you’re busy your dinner doesn’t have to be a compromise. On the contrary, you demand wholesome, chef-crafted meals just like the TV shows. Why does it have to be so hard?

We might be able to help. We make cooking wholesome meals with fresh ingredients from the market easier and more convenient. Reclaim your dinner-time to unwind with your favourite TV shows and the family. It’s not take away. It’s not home cooking. This is Feastively.

Get 5 Extra Hours to Chill

Create delicious meals in just 15 minutes.

Skip the prep entirely. Our chefs shop, chop, marinate and prepare sauces for you. Cook an amazing meal with market-fresh ingredients in just 15 minutes. Save one hour on cooking each night with Feastively’s ready-to-cook meal kits.


Cook in 3 Easy Steps

Become a master chef and impress them all.

With just 3 easy steps to follow, your success in the kitchen is guaranteed. No complex recipes, no tricky cooking techniques. All cooking instructions are triple tested by our team to help you cook like a master chef.


Goodbye Messy Clean-up

Create a delicious meal in just 1 pan

Tired of tidying up after dinner? Imagine cooking in just one pan and not having to spend 30 minutes each night cleaning up. Because no one really likes cleaning up. Save yourself the fuss and mess of cleaning up after cooking from scratch.

Why Feastively?

What Our Happy Customers Say

What do Melbourne foodies & mums think about Feastively?

  •   Had the turkey breast with quinoa and it was delicious! Far better than anything I could have made on my own in 1 hour - and it only took me 10 min!

    thumb Zoe Wong

      Tried the burger pack - was fab! Packaging was great - fun to unwrap and discover all the ingredients, super easy to follow and put together too - took around 10-15 minutes in total! Really high quality food that was super fresh - loved the recipe cards to keep too! Looking forward to trying more!

    thumb Jessica Burns

      Thank you for providing such amazing fresh meals that suits my busy lifestyle. Your meals are full of flavor on top of 5 star customer service. I'm a very happy customer :)

    thumb Danielle Van Slageren
  •   Great healthy food with rich flavours. We've saved so much time by not having to shop for ingredients or prepare food. Also, their customer service is second to none. Highly recommended for families with young children who are struggling to cook healthy meals.

    thumb Wey Doyouevenrift Loh

      Super impressed with this service. I have tried Feastively a number of times and love how delicious the dishes are. I tried a number of their dishes and am loving how quick it is to make the food. Everything comes in clear packaging, all ready to go and the recipes are very easy to follow. Definitely recommended to all those busy foodies out there!

    thumb Bianca Ling

      Fantastic food, extremely fresh. Preparation was very quick and easy.

    thumb Simone Porter-Smith
  •   I tried Delishmealz last night. I loved the Turkey with cranberry quinoa. It was super easy, quick and most importantly tasty. Loads of flavour and a perfect meal to cook when you can't be bothered thinking about dinner. Loved it!

    thumb Alison De Maria

      Had their fish taco's, chicken and prawn paella and the beef kebabs. All really easy to cook as instructions explained everything very well. Food tasted so good, especially the fish tacos ���

    thumb Rachel Lee

      It's tasty, quick and EASY!! I really enjoyed my meal.

    thumb Angela Pucci Love

Why Try Feastively?

Cherish the joy of good food even with a busy lifestyle

For everyday dining occasions

Whether it's a date night or you have friends over become a hero with your home cooked dinner.

Good food delivered

Your meal kits can be delivered to your office or your home across Melbourne. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.

Easy & convenient

Enjoy delicious food without the stress of shopping, chopping, recipes and cooking disasters. Save time cleaning up too.

Stay in the loop

We'll keep you posted on weekly deals and interesting updates.
We've got a little surprise for you when you sign up too.

Driven by a Mission

At Feastively, we believe your dining decisions shouldn’t be a compromise between delicious, healthy or fresh. We want you to have it all and at a price more affordable than eating out everyday and convenience that exceeds cooking from scratch.

We promise to deliver fresh, natural and wholesome deliciousness in a box every time we get an opportunity to be part of your life.

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