The Feastively story

Hi there! I'm Harshit, the founder and CEO of Feastively and I'm joined by our Chef Fhred Erick Batalona (ex Saké Bar and Guylian).

My passion for food dates back to growing up in India. Mum's delicacies and rich hawker meals bring back fond memories. I moved to Australia in 2006 and immersed myself in Melbourne's multicultural cuisine. Although I can cook up a storm when I'm really in the mood, I love eating more than cooking and I definitely don’t like cleaning up (just ask Fhred).

In the middle of the rat race, planning what to eat, shopping, prepping and cleaning up was a royal pain. We'd much rather be watching Netflix or pursue our hobbies. Feastively was born out of this strife to prepare and devour great food on weeknights without compromising our health.

Good food to eat together

We believe food has the power to bring people together. Whether it’s a weeknight family dinner or entertaining at home, food has been the catalyst behind strong bonds for us.

At Feastively, we believe in good food that’s honest and wholesome. That's why we handpick top quality produce from Melbourne's markets. We believe in picking and eating local and that's why 99% of what we pack is locally sourced.

Life’s too short to eat food that doesn’t bring you joy or nourish you. But what we eat can be challenging to manage with a hectic lifestyle. We’ve been there too. We promise to send you fresh produce for delicious meals in a little box that'll turn you into a master chef.

Local sourcing & sustainability

Feastively is made in Melbourne, for Melbourne. We love our local markets and farmers and have a knack for picking up great quality produce. We source the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on and pack them with utmost care. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we won't ship it.

We take it upon ourselves as our responsibility to deliver convenience without increasing our environmental costs. As far as possible, we use recyclable and reusable materials in our packaging to reduce our impact. We continuously look for creative and more sustainable ways to pack and deliver your meals to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing food waste, so it doesn't end up in a landfill and add to greenhouse emissions, is a mission close to our hearts.