What is Feastively?


Relationships grow stronger when we eat together.
At Feastively we’ve figured out how to make your dinner nutritious, delicious and easy.

We chop, marinate and prep your food.

You choose your meals and order online.

We deliver to your office or home.

How does it work?


Dinner in 15 minutes
By chopping ingredients, cooking up sauces and dressings for you, our chefs have created amazing meals that are ready in your kitchen in about 15 minutes. Tossing things in a pan this is all you’re going to need to do. All the satisfaction of cooking a homemade dinner without any hassle.

Healthy & Nutritious
Your cooking kits arrive fresh and sealed in vacuum bags to maximise freshness. Your meals are carefully balanced with all the nutrition elements to help you feel great. We do not use preservatives.

Minimal cleaning up
Cook a meal for 2 in just one pan or oven tray because no one really likes cleaning up after dinner.

Zero waste
Receive perfectly portioned meals with just the right quantities of herbs and exotic ingredients.


One-Price Dinners at $12.90
With fresh and high-quality ingredients we’ll deliver your cooking kits for as low as $12.90 per serve. That’s cheaper and healthier than a takeaway meal yet sizable enough to leave you satisfied.

Menu variety
Our chefs create dishes to suit all tastes. From hearty classics to light and refreshing salads, exotic pasta and travel inspired dishes. You might even find burgers and tacos on the menu.

More control
With no lock-in subscription or contracts, you can order as much or as little as you like, whenever you like. You can choose the time when you’d like to take delivery. We deliver to your office or home.

FREE delivery
Free delivery on all orders $75 or more. A small $5 delivery fee applies otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our meal kits are designed for at least 2 adults to minimise packaging. If you’re cooking just for yourself, you could take dinner for lunch the next day. Less work for you.

All of our meal kits take between 10-15 minutes, from start to finish.

How? We do all the prep work for you like chopping veggies, cooking rice or quinoa and we even prepare the sauces and marinades. Usually, these dishes would take at least 40 mins to prepare if you were to cook them from scratch.

Great care has been taken in the making of our product. However, we cannot guarantee against allergens.

Our meal kit components are packaged separately so you can choose to add the veggies, meats and herbs to your liking when cooking.

Each cooked meal weights between 325 – 400 grams. Enough to satisfy an average adult’s hunger.

We follow Australian government’s dietary guidelines  on what constitutes a healthy meal. As a rough guide, you’ll see your plate divided like the picture below.

The fastest way to get help is by calling us on 0430 012 721. Alternatively, you can email us on eat@feastively.com.

You can even chat with us live. Click on the chat link in the bottom right corner of the screen.

We deliver to addresses within the Melbourne metro region.

Yes, there’s a small $5 delivery fee. But we’ll pay for delivery for over $75.

You can choose the date and time-slot you want your packs to to be delivered at checkout.

Please place your orders by Friday evening for delivery the following Monday.

Yes, we prefer delivering to your office, especially if you work in inner Melbourne region.

Yes. Someone must be available to accept the delivery.

Your safety is very important to us. Although the packs have their own gel ice chillers, due to the perishable nature of our products we prefer to deliver it to someone.

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